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Still Church Together- Still Serving God's World

Shared by Rev. Steven Peeler, Interim Pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Grand Island Food Pantries are one of the many ways congregations in the Nebraska Synod work to serve their communities and to show love to their neighbors. Messiah Lutheran in Grand Island is one of those congregations helping their neighbors in need. Their Saturday Supper ministry began in 2005 and continues during this time of physical distancing, just in a new way.   Before the pandemic, Messiah was serving approximately 200 meals every Saturday evening in the church fellowship hall. Meals were also being delivered to home-bound parishioners by volunteers. At the height of the pandemic, Messiah continued to provide this ministry and served about 600 meals on those Saturdays. Now, as businesses begin to reopen and members of the community begin to return to work, the amount of meals served each weekend has decreased to around 400. And for the last several weeks the congregation has continued to

Church Together- Even from Home

Sent in by St. Paul Lutheran in Auburn, NE As this pandemic continues and we continue to social distance, congregations continue to find ways to worship, have Bible studies, and be a community all while staying safe. St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Auburn did not want their youngest members to miss out on Church School just because the building was not open. They decided to create care packages for the kids. Each box contained class room Bibles, five weeks of lessons, activity sheets, kids sermons notes (to use along side listening to the radio or live streamed sermon), the book- God Gave Us So Much , coloring pages, a box of play dough in several different colors, and a cake mix. There was also a message inside from the Church School that read- Jesus Loves You and We Miss You.  As you can see in the photos, the kids loved receiving their special packages. The parents were glad to have something for their kids to do and that St. Paul didn't have to completely ca

Church Together- Even from a Distance

Shared by First Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE In spite of the current events and the church building being closed, First Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska still found ways to continue to be church together. From service work to maintaining fellowship, this Nebraska Synod congregation is still doing their best to stay connected and help others. Members of First Lutheran, including middle school youth and entire families volunteered to help serve from home. They cut out pieces of denim for 50 shoes to be sent to Uganda for the Sole Hope project . These dedicated members were still able to make a difference all while observing guidelines and staying home.  The needs of the community haven't been cancelled, so our efforts to help our brothers and sisters make it through these difficult times shouldn't be either. Members from First Lutheran recognized this and stepped up to help at the food drive for the Lutheran Food Pantry.  In addition to serving other

Church Together

We are living in rapidly changing times… people wonder now- can the church still thrive? And I say yes. The world needs to hear the gospel, longs to hear the good news that we’re loved, that God means good for us. And so we in the ELCA are thriving and showing up in places all across this country in many different settings.  –Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton In her May video, Presiding Bishop Eaton asked us all to notice signs of thriving in the church in spite of living in these difficult times. She shares that signs of thriving show up in many different ways and it is not complicated or technical. It is being sure of the certain hope that we have in Jesus Christ and then just going and letting people see what it means in their lives. You can watch her video at this link. Then share how you see the church thriving on social media with #ELCAChurchTogether. Here is a video of how Nebraska Synod Bishop Maas sees the church thriving.