Washed and Claimed for a Life of Joy and Purpose

By Deacon Timothy Siburg, Director for Stewardship

There’s nothing quite as wonderful in the life of the church as baptism. A day with baptism is a day another Child of God is claimed and named. It’s a day of celebration. It’s a day of proclamation of God’s promises, a day where God’s story is recalled, and perhaps when God’s work in our midst is most visible. It’s also a day filled with promises- promises by God, by the one being baptized, and the whole faith community providing public witness and promise.
As we know, baptism is only a beginning. From the Water and the Word, filled with the Holy Spirit a Child of God enters into life walking with God who is with them always. From the flowing water, one is called, empowered, equipped, and sent into a life of discipleship and stewardship. It’s a life of joy and great meaning, but also one with plenty of challenges. The way of the cross is not always easy or happy. But it propels us forward.
It propels us as the People of God to make pro…

We are Baptized

By Rev. Heidi Wallace, Pastor at Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church & First Presbyterian Church

Living Our Baptism

Living Our Baptism: Five Gifts of Discipleship - Rev. Brenda Smith

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