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What Child is This in Our Backyard

At the start of Advent, Bishop Maas presented us with an invitation to see Jesus in our daily lives. In Bishop Maas' own words, "To be met by him, to practice our faith and engage him - not because we ought or should or must, but because we can." That is exactly what American Lutheran in Ashland aims to do through their ministry and work with their community "Closet" and "Kids Cupboard" . In the basement of their congregation they have organized a department store style clothes closet for those in need. Clothing is given for free to everyone who comes, including the poor, homeless, those struck by loss of employment or disaster, residents of the Ashland Care Center, and many others. The Closet accepts clean clothes in good condition during church hours and there is a bin located on the Southwest corner of the parking lot for drop off anytime. Also, as part of an ecumenical effort with several Ashland churches, American Lutheran holds a weekly foo

What child is this...Refugee Resettlement

By Lacey Studnicka, Director of Advancement- Community Services at LFS During this season, I am always reminded of God’s miracles. In 15 years of work with refugees at Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, I have been privileged and honored to see God’s miracles up close. If you watch the news, you may think hope is lost. 68 million people -- 25 million of whom are children -- are displaced and suffering across the globe. But just when you think there is no hope, miracles appear! I see the miracle of welcome and the transformation of lives. I watch while members of Nebraska’s Lutheran congregations carefully select items for refugee homes. I watch their curiosity as they shop for “culturally appropriate groceries” at unfamiliar ethnic stores. I see their joy when the refugee family they are sponsoring exits the plane in Nebraska, knowing they are finally safe. I see their patience and compassion as they help our newest neighbors navigate their new home. Thank you

What Child is This...Jonathan

By  Marty Malley, Tanzania Ministries Coordinator “My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you, how I wish I could be with you now and change my tone, because I am perplexed about you!” – Galations 4:19-20 I’m pretty certain that if Paul was with us today, he would still be perplexed.   I am sure he would be perplexed about me.   But I want to tell you about a young Tanzanian man named Jonathan.   Paul would rejoice about the formation of Christ in Jonathan.   I am humbled to know him, because in spite of being born into enormous challenges, Jonathan is a teacher to all of us.   I came to know of Jonathan through the Building a Caring Community (BCC) project that is a joint effort of Mosaic (a Nebraska Synod serving arm) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) Northern Diocese – our partner diocese of 25 years. Children with intellectual disabilities come into the world at a huge disadvantage in Tanzania.