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Why I Give is Grounded in Gratitude

By Deacon Timothy Siburg If I had to pick one word to describe life right now, it would be pure and simply, “ grateful .” One of the great joys of my ministry is the ability to tell, see, hear, and share stories of how God is at work. It’s so much fun, and I am grateful for it! It fills my daily work with meaning and purpose, every day. This has me thinking today, in this time of Thanksgiving and as we prepare for the start of Advent, that I am grateful for so much. I am grateful: ·       For all of you, and the ministry you are part of, and for all the work that you are part of as the church together; ·       For a loving and supportive family, with a spouse and life partner who makes every day in this journey of life together better, and for a darling daughter whose sense of wonder is palpable and gives new eyes of wonder to this season and time of year; ·       For the loving and supportive parents and family who has always cheered me on, challenged

Thank God for...the Little Things

By Brenda Rivas As I sit here on this special day of giving thanks, appreciating the time I get to spend together with my family who I only get to see  four times a year, I am thinking of all the things I am grateful for, as well as all the things we can often take for granted in our daily lives. It makes me think of how the big things in life can become small and the little things can become so big they can consume our entire world.   I look around at a table full of food, surrounded by the people I love, under a roof in a warm house on this cold day, and I am so thankful for all of it. I am reminded that the arguments we have are nothing compared to the fight for survival of those without a home or care. I am reminded that the chaos and stress of traveling during the holidays is nothing compared to the struggle  of finding food for your family when you don’t have the means. I am reminded that the family moments lost to work are nothing compared to the isolation and lonel

Thank God for...The Power of Proximity

By Stephanie Lusienski, Administrator for Finance & Development This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas and attend the 2018 ELCA National Youth Gathering.   I love attending Youth Gatherings because it energizes me and reminds me that there is hope in the world and there is hope because of the young people of our church.   It also shows me that there is a different lens in which to view the world…the lens through which our young people see it.   Youth Gatherings also challenge me to see things that I often want to ignore or want to deny their existence. There were many good presenters at this year’s Gathering; in my opinion, one of the best was Mr. Bryan Stevenson, the Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative and an attorney who works as an advocate for the poor and the incarcerated.  Mr. Stevenson talked about the “power of proximity.”  He argues that justice and advocacy work is best done in proximity to the people we are t

Thank God for- Those who Answer the Call

“We are all one in mission, we all are one in call, our varied gifts united by Christ the Lord of all.” – ELW 576   At the Nebraska Synod we have so much to be thankful for in this month of Thanks-giving. Among the many gifts we are grateful for are those from our community who have chosen to answer the call to serve and the call to leadership in ministry. One of our newest seminarians is Jacob Krueger, from Lincoln, Nebraska and a member of Grace Lutheran Church there. In the hopes of garnering support for those who have answered the call and inspiring others to do the same, the synod is sharing part of Jacob’s story.   “I remember, as a child, being captivated by the liturgy, by the movements, and by the sacraments of this church. There was something that was so special about these things to the point where I was playing church regularly at home; baptizing my kittens and presiding over the Eucharist for my stuffed animals and sister. There was something tha