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Why I Give is Grounded in Gratitude

By Deacon Timothy Siburg

Thank God for...the Little Things

By Brenda Rivas

As I sit here on this special day of giving thanks, appreciating the time I get to spend together with my family who I only get to see  four times a year, I am thinking of all the things I am grateful for, as well as all the things we can often take for granted in our daily lives. It makes me think of how the big things in life can become small and the little things can become so big they can consume our entire world.   I look around at a table full of food, surrounded by the people I love, under a roof in a warm house on this cold day, and I am so thankful for all of it. I am reminded that the arguments we have are nothing compared to the fight for survival of those without a home or care. I am reminded that the chaos and stress of traveling during the holidays is nothing compared to the struggle  of finding food for your family when you don’t have the means. I am reminded that the family moments lost to work are nothing compared to the isolation and loneliness of tho…

Thank God for...The Power of Proximity

By Stephanie Lusienski, Administrator for Finance & Development

Thank God for- Those who Answer the Call