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By Rev. Ricardo Riqueza

We keep walking like disciples

By Rev. Sadi Omar Vila, San Andreas- Iglesia Luterana

"San Andrés is a good place ..."

When the people of Israel left Egypt, their expectations were great and their assurances were few. They entered a territory rich in hopes and promises but unknown after all. They did not imagine a long and painful journey, but they did not back down. Moses led the search for a good place to celebrate their liberation, their reunion of love, their identity. Somehow —and we do not know how— I think they also had reasons to be happy ... because happiness also abounds in the midst of sadness.

This happens in San Andrés. Happiness is never a guarantee but there are plenty of reasons to smile and look to the future with hope and enthusiasm. 
We are a community of faith, a community that walks looking for and building that good place to celebrate.

Our pastoral project is based on the educational experience of the faith. We do not teach, we model behaviors and we share faith in a naturally spiritual en…

Disciples for All the World- Share God's Word

By Rebecca Sheridan, Nebraska Synod Evangelist