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For the Sake of...

By Rev. Megan Morrow, Assistant to the Bishop

Church for the Sake of the World- Accompaniment

When we consider "we are church for the sake of the world," it may be tempting to think that "world" is a place far away, somewhere overseas, a foreign land, or simply not in my backyard. 

But the world is here, the world is exactly where you are, the world includes you and your community. You could easily swap out the word "world" with "neighborhood, or town, or people living under the overpass, or city, or farm down the way, or visitors to the local food bank or coat closet"

Jesus might say that the "world" is the "hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned." 

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to notice our neighbors in our community. When we keep the "world" far away, it can be easier to feel good about benevolent work abroad, while the needs, rights, voices, representation, and opportunities of our neighbors right beside us are neglected. 

God's Spirit gathers the scattered and forms into a…

Church for the Sake of the World- What does it mean?


We Are Church for the Sake of the World

By Bishop Brian Maas