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Arise! Wake up! Look around!

By Deacon Connie R. Stover
Director, Seeking the Spirit Within

Today as I write this blog article, I cannot see the sun, and it is bitterly cold outside. It looks like the sun has disappeared and abandoned me, as the sky is a dulling, gray slate of sameness. I want to wrap myself in a warm, soft blanket and hibernate. But alas, today is the deadline for this article to be written.People are reaching out to me with their questions through phone calls, text messages and emails. As I sit at my computer, I realize that I am hungry.It is as if God is saying to me,
“Arise!Wake up! Look around!”
For me, God’s call to arise, wake up, and look around, comes each morning as I sit myself down in my sacred space to spend time with God. This is a daily intention to first look to God for the gifts of light and warmth in all days – the gray days of routine sameness and the bright days of exciting newness.If I invite God to look around the dawning of day with me, I can see and feel the presentation of th…

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By Rev. Rebecca Sheridan

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