Church Together

We are living in rapidly changing times… people wonder now- can the church still thrive? And I say yes. The world needs to hear the gospel, longs to hear the good news that we’re loved, that God means good for us. And so we in the ELCA are thriving and showing up in places all across this country in many different settings.  –Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

In her May video, Presiding Bishop Eaton asked us all to notice signs of thriving in the church in spite of living in these difficult times. She shares that signs of thriving show up in many different ways and it is not complicated or technical. It is being sure of the certain hope that we have in Jesus Christ and then just going and letting people see what it means in their lives.

You can watch her video at this link. Then share how you see the church thriving on social media with #ELCAChurchTogether. Here is a video of how Nebraska Synod Bishop Maas sees the church thriving.


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